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Protective material

Stiff cardboard angles

Stiff cardboard angles to form palletised units
Different sizes.

 ángulos de cartón

Inflatable bags 

Single-use paper bags of 2 layers for immobilising loads.
bolsas hinchables 1bolsas hinchables 2bolsas hinchables 3

Plastic corner pieces

Plastic corner pieces for protecting bulk packaging. For straps of different widths and types (metallic, polyester, etc.)cantoneras de plástico

Polyethylene foam

To protect delicate surfaces 
Presentation in:
– Panels
– Formats
– Profiles
– Angles
– Corner pieces
– Tubes
Protectores de polietileno expandido

Expanded polystyrene

Profiles, panels, formats, corner pieces, mechanised expanded polystyrene of various densities.
  poliestireno expandido 2poliestireno expandido 1

Expanded polystyrene fillings

Non-abrasive filling material for protecting your goods.relleno poliestireno