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Bags, envelopes and labels

Plastic bags

Plastic bag with or without VCI anti-corrosion treatment, anti-static, etc.
Custom bags made according to your needs.
bolsas plásticas

Printed bags

Printed plastic bags with tamper-proof closure. bolsas_impresasm

Padded bags

Bubble wrap bags custom-made according to your needs. bolsas_acolchadasm

Re- sealable bags

Bags with fast-closing method for storing parts and small materials. bolsasm

Document bags

Bags with one adhesive side to stick to packages. Various sizes. bolsas21m

Padded envelopes

Paper envelopes lined with bubble wrap. Various sizes. sobresm


Adhesive labels in sheets and rolls. etiquetas_adhesivasm

Tilt and Impact Indicators

The tipping detector indicates a change of colour in the event of the package overturning. The impact detector indicates a change of colour in the event of receiving a hit.

The indicators are used with adhesive labels.