Industrial packing, lashing and logistics in Spain and Mexico

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Attachment systems

Adhesive Tapes and Seals

Adhesive tapes of PP, PVC and sticky paper.
Neutral prints.
Plastic or metal sealing machines.

Tapes and Tighteners

– Polyester or polypropylene tapes (various widths and strengths)
– Ratchets for 1000 and 25000 kg with tightener. Tighteners for tapes of different widths.

Nail Guns and Nails

Pneumatic nail guns.
Nails for assembly of different materials.


– Steel, polypropylene and polyester straps for manual and automatic strapping.
– Manual and automatic strapping machines.

Safety sealers

precintos de seguridad

Manual and pneumatic staplers

Pneumatic staplers.
Staplers for packing of different materials.